Our Service Packages

No matter where you are on your journey to, and through retirement, we have a service package that will address your needs.


Accumulation NationTM is an extensive service package for those who are still in the accumulation stages of their life - five years or more away from retirement. Download more information, here!


IncomeMAXTM is a comprehensive service package for those who want to  make certain they are making the most of their income producing assets and coordinating their income in the most efficient way with social security. plus see if there is a way to increase safety and lessen taxes with their income sources. Download more information, here!


Social Security SherpaTM is a complete service package that helps guide you  through your social security decisions - when to best claim it for your situation, how to coordinate it with your spouse, if it you are able to claim divorced or widowed benefits and more. Download more information, here!


Medicare Made EasyTM is for people that would like some assistance with their Medicare decisions. This service package includes a personal guide who specializes in everything Medicare who will help guide you through this confusing landscape. Download more information, here!


Focus on EfficiencyTM is for those who would like to get that valued 2nd opinion. You may be doing fine, but if you ever wonder if your assets could be performing better for your situation or you own life insurance or annuities and you wonder what you have or if it is still the best out there, then this package is for you. Download more information, here!


Rollover RescueTM is for those who are unsure what to do with their 401k or 403b when they leave their employer. This comprehensive service package helps you determine the best place to move your old company plan based on your needs and goals. Download more information, here!


Legacy LegendTM is an in depth service package for those who want to make sure that what they have left will go to those they love, whether that be a charity, family or friends. This package also includes access to Everplans® (so that you can get all of your wishes and important documents in one place) a one hour free consultation with one of our trusted Estate Planning Attorney’s, beneficiary review and more. Download more information, here!