Social Security is a tremendously valuable retirement income source. However, did you realize that many retirees are leaving thousands of dollars of benefits on the table? With proper planning, you can potentially structure your Social Security income payments to generate you a higher income payment amount!

The difficulty is in the complexity of planning choices. Consider the following potential Social Security questions:

  • When will your payments be the highest?
  • How long should you defer?
  • Are there special rules you should know about?
  • How does the scenario change if you’re single? Married? Divorced? Widowed?
  • Will Social Security always be around?

You have many questions, and we can help give you the right information and the correct answers. Be sure to contact us regarding all of your Social Security planning needs. In addition, you can check out more of our Social Security resources by clicking on the link below.

Maximize Your Social Security

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