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  1. You would like a birds eye view of exactly where you stand in your retirement and the understanding of what the consequences of certain choices are likely to be and the impact they are likely to have on your retirement future so that you can make wiser, more informed decision moving forward.
  2. You need help determining what is the best way to take your income in retirement that will not only reduce the risk of running out of money but will provide tax efficiency as well.
  3. You want to make sure that the way you claim your Social Security is best for your situation and is coordinated to work with your other income sources so that you get the most money out of Social Security and possibly also reduce your tax burden in the long run.
  4. You are completely frustrated with “cookie cutter advice”. You want someone who takes the time to understand your situation – what you have going on in your life – and provides ideas and solutions to challenges that are personalized specifically for you.
  5. You are looking for a safe way to protect and grow your savings but do not want to settle for the low interest rates that CD’s and money market accounts are paying.
  6. You are looking for the most efficient way possible to pass assets to your beneficiaries.
  7. You want to learn the truth about the myriad of financial products, the pros AND THE CONS so that you can better determine which ones might be right for your personal situation.
  8. You want full transparency; no hidden fees or “surprises”. You also want to know what hidden fees you are possibly paying in your current investments.
  9. You are retired, nearing retirement or changing jobs and you are looking for a way to protect and grow your retirement savings safely.
  10. You would like to create another “pension” or guaranteed source of income that you can never outlive.
  11. You wonder if a Roth Conversion is right for you.
  12. You are tired of never getting a return phone call from your financial professional and the only time he or she ever wants to talk to you is if they think new business will result from that conversation.
  13. You want, like and appreciate personal service.
  14. You need a life insurance analysis to see if what you have still meets your needs.
  15. You’d like to reduce the taxes you are paying on your IRA.
  16. You are looking for ways to protect your assets or the assets of a loved one from the nursing home.

Ok, I realize that was more than 10, but I could not stop at just 10. Complete the no-obligation form below. Our office will follow-up to confirm a convenient time for you to talk more with us personally.

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